Hatha yoga is a powerful way for your physical and mental recovery.

The modern pace of life exhausts us physically and mentally. Office work takes away our vitality: low back and neck pain, sick headache, insomnia… Physical discomfort depresses us and our life turns into miserable existence.

Hatha yoga is a powerful way for your physical and mental recovery.

Such a mental condition leads to the even greater deterioration of a physical condition. How to break this never-ending circle? Hatha Yoga is a powerful tool for physical and mental recovery. But where can you find the right place to practice? And how to choose a teacher who has the perfect practical and theoretical skills for organism recovery?

Our space and our mission

Yoga Point, the first yoga studio by Oleksandra Koblova, is created for all who want to practice yoga, who take care of their health and value ​​their time, all who are looking for a place to restore their strength in the frenetic pace of modern life.

Yoga Point is a special place created for yoga practice. Several questions disturbed me for a long time: “Why there is no yoga-place in Rivne? Why do people think that yoga is a kind of fitness and only stretching, but not a deep inner practice? Why do people have to practice yoga in loudly halls between aerobics and pole dance classes?” But time has come and We EXIST!

Intro class — only 55 ₴.

Many people ask: “Will yoga suit me? Will a teacher give the answers? Will Yoga Point be comfortable for me?” When you come to an intro class, you’ll know the answers.


Why join Yoga Point?

  • Тільки йога
    We practice only yoga
    The space is created for yoga practice specially. The studio atmosphere helps to practice effectively.
  • Малі групи
    Small groups
    There are 7-9 people at the class. So, a teacher can give attention to everyone.
  • Зручне розташування
    Convenient location
    We are located in a quiet place 15 minutes from the city centre. There is a convenient parking near the studio.

Special practice aspect

- 1 -
East and west practices integration

Our trainers are both yoga and rehabilitation certified.

- 2 -
The practice passed from yoga-tradition bearer

We teach not fitness or stretching, but hatha yoga as a way to restore health, both physical and mental.

- 3 -
Not just yoga-practice, but scientific attitude

We combine the ancient science with the modern rehabilitation techniques, rising to a new level of efficiency.